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Ours is not a “boutique hotel” although it has plenty of charm. Neither is it a country bed and breakfast, even though it is situated in the middle of a natural paradiseIt is perhaps a luxury hotel, yes, but it is not luxury as we know it.

Really it is a very singular hotel located in one of the most beautiful and undiscovered regions of Spain; the Matarraña. The Matarraña is a province of Aragón although situated in Teruel. It is on the border with Castellón and Tarragona.

Let´s not forget that it is also a restaurant in which it is possible to enjoy some of the best regional produce which is treated with sophisticated simplicity.


Consolación Hotel & Restaurant | Habitaciones-Rooms-Kubo-Kube


36m2. A sunken bath of luxurious black slate. Three walls and one window with balcony and interrupted views of the natural surroundings. A sunken bath of luxurious black slate and a chimney suspended in mid air. 36m2 of positive energy that guarantees a perfect scenario for your most indulgent moments. Kubes 9 and 10 are different since they are attached. They are perfect for a group or a family although they can also be completely independent

Consolación Hotel & Restaurant | Rooms - ER 1 / ER 2

ER 1 / ER 2

32m2. To celebrate the hotel’s 10th anniversary, in the spring of 2020, we have built two new rooms in the main house. We pursue an special light, fabrics, colors and an atmosphere who invite thought, peace and a certain retreat. But like life they are contrasts: the freestanding bathtub…

Consolación Hotel & Restaurant | Habitaciones-Rooms-Barroca-Barroque


46m2. 46m2 of explosive colours and fabrics which take their inspiration from the 19th Century. Lounge area with open fire and two windows with patio views. 160 cm bed. 300 thread Egyptian cotton sheets. Double bathroom with shower. 450grms/m cotton towels and bathrobes.

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If you think that enjoying the starry sky of CONSOLACION is one of the best gifts that can be received, we explain how to do it …



As a gift for our tenth anniversary as well as a tribute to the incredible place that welcomes us, we decided to record the stories of some people linked to the hotel…







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